Breastfeeding Roundup: resources to share with families

Breastfeeding offers extensive health benefits for moms and their babies, facilitates bonding and even has financial and environmental benefits. But with it comes challenges that—for some women—leads to an earlier end to breastfeeding than planned.

Below is a list of resources providers can share with breastfeeding patients to help ease worries and frustrations. These articles cover a range of concerns and provide helpful tips for both mom and baby.

Breastfeeding troubleshooting

The excitement of breastfeeding can quickly turn to frustration, discomfort or defeat if issues aren’t dealt with quickly. Encourage breastfeeding patients to get help from the experts, covered in this CHOC blog about lactation consultants and the CHOC Lactation Services team.

Spanish language breastfeeding resources

The CHOC Lactation Services team presents several useful flyers about breastfeeding for Spanish-speaking patients:

Breastfeeding and milk storage on-the-go

Managing milk when you are separated from your baby: a fact sheet for parents planning a little time away.

This piece from American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) presents tips for an oft-dreaded scenario for new moms: nursing on an airplane. And with it comes another stressor, storing breast milk safely when flying.

For partners of breastfeeding women

AAP offers a fact sheet for partners of women who are breastfeeding.

What can others do to support a breastfeeding mom? Take a look at this CHOC blog for ideas.

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