CHOC 2020 Strategic Planning Process Making Great Progress

Our CHOC 2020 Strategic Planning process is making good progress.  Six work groups have been formed, each co-led by a CHOC physician and administrative leader.
These groups, which started meeting in December, have been tasked with addressing and developing recommendations related to six key strategic themes that emerged from the work that commenced late last year, including the Strategic Planning Retreat in November and the Physician Strategy Planning Retreat in December. For each of the six strategic areas of focus, a set of initiatives is being developed and will be shared with physician leaders at our next physician retreat which will be held on March 9th. 

Following are the work groups, their respective co-leaders and contact information:

• Engage, Align and Integrate Physicians — Maria Minon, M.D., CHOC Chief Medical Officer : and Jay Gabriel, CHOC General Counsel:

• Deliver High-Quality, Safe Care and an Exceptional Experience — Jim Cappon,M.D., CHOC Medical Director, Quality & Patient Safety: and Paul Van Dolah, CHOC Interim Chief Operating Officer:

• Build the New Healthcare Business Model, Including Preventive and Population Health and Delivering Value Against Measureable Outcomes — Jeff Lobas, M.D.,Chief Executive Officer, CHOC Health Alliance: and Elaine Bauer, CHOC Chief Strategy Officer:

• Define CHOC as an Indispensible Strategic Partner — Sameer Pathare, M.D., CHOC Children’s Specialists Hospitalist: and Elaine Bauer, CHOC Chief Strategy Officer:

• Expand Geographically and Programmatically — Nick Anas, M.D., CHOC Pediatrician in Chief: and Elaine Bauer, CHOC Chief Strategy Officer:

• Increase Research Activity, Innovation and Teaching the Next Generation of Clinicians — Dan Cooper, M.D., Chair, UC Irvine Department of Pediatrics:  and Maria Minon, M.D., CHOC Chief Medical Officer:

We encourage you to take a moment to reach out personally to the work group leaders listed above to ask any questions and/or share your insights and recommendations.

For more information on the planning process, please check out this previous article on the CHOC Docs Blog: .