CHOC Clinical Nutrition and Lactation Services Director and Registered Dietician Contribute to Infant and Pediatric Feedings Book

We are proud of our clinical nutrition and lactation services team for continuing to advance best practices. Caroline Steele, the department’s director, co-authored Infant and Pediatric Feedings: Guidelines for Preparation of Human Milk and Formula in Health Care Facilities (third edition), with CHOC RD Katherine Bennett contributing a chapter. And we’ve just learned more than 2,000 copies of this authoritative guide have been sold in just a couple of months!

This edition of the book addresses the most up-to-date information on human milk and formula storage, handling, and preparation techniques. Five new chapters have been added. Further updates and additions include: both infant and pediatric feeding preparation; guidelines for facilities seeking to implement centralized infant and pediatric feeding preparation for the first time or expand scope of operations; and information on donor human milk along with guidelines for human milk products. The book discusses lactoengineering techniques and current research. There is a chapter on use of blenderized (real food) tube feedings within the hospital setting. In addition, the book contains expanded information on modular components and other additives.

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