CHOC Doc Named to FDA Appointment

Antonio Arrieta, M.D.
Antonio Arrieta, M.D.

Under a recent appointment, a CHOC physician will help the federal government evaluate the safety of drugs used for infectious disease treatment.

Dr. Antonio Arrieta, CHOC’s director of pediatric infectious diseases and director of infectious disease clinical research, has been named a member of the Anti-Infective Drugs Advisory Committee of the Food and Drug Administration.

“I was really honored to be asked, and I was happy to say yes,” he said.

In his new role, Dr. Arrieta will review and evaluate data surrounding the safety and effectiveness of human drug products for use in the treatment of infectious diseases and related disorders. Dr. Arrieta’s term will last through November 2015.

“The committee evaluates data from clinical trials and makes recommendations regarding the safety and efficacy of new products,” he said.

Members of the 13-seat committee are selected among individuals knowledgeable in the fields of infectious disease, internal medicine, microbiology, pediatrics, epidemiology or statistics, and related specialties. 

Dr. Arrieta has been at CHOC since 1991. He specializes in the treatment of serious community-acquired and nosocomial infections and has added expertise in HIV medicine. He completed his fellowship at UCI-Memorial/Miller Children’s Hospital in Long Beach. He did his residency at Southern Illinois University in Springfield, Ill.