CHOC Joins Global Community Dedicated to Improving the Patient Experience

CHOC has joined The Beryl Institute’s newly formed Pediatric Council, which represents a group of individuals committed to engaging with one another, sharing ideas and expanding the engagement of pediatric patient experience leaders in the Institute’s community.

Members of the Institute’s Pediatric Council are passionate about the advancement of pediatric patient experience and ensuring resources are available to support pediatric leaders in advancing the human experience in healthcare. The Pediatric Council will guide program development and advise The Beryl Institute on topics of relevance and issues pertaining to pediatric leaders and staff.

CHOC Customer Service Manager Sandra Schultz was recently certified as a patient experience professional through the Patient Experience Institute (PXI) and has been selected to serve on the Pediatric Council.

CHOC Customer Service Manager Sandra Schultz, CXPX

An independent, nonprofit organization committed to improving the patient experience through evidence-based research and professional development, PXI is a sister organization of The Beryl Institute, a global community similarly dedicated to improving the patient experience through collaboration and shared knowledge.

According to PXI, a certified patient experience professional (CPXP) is a leader who influences the systems, processes and behaviors that cultivate consistently positive experiences as defined by patients and families across the continuum of care. An international designation, CPXP certification highlights a commitment to the profession and to maintaining current skills and knowledge in supporting and expanding the field of patient experience.

As a member of the Pediatric Council, Schultz joins other industry leaders across the nation committed to engaging with one another, sharing ideas and expanding the engagement of pediatric patient experience.

“I am honored to serve on The Beryl Institute’s Pediatric Council and look forward to exchanging best and innovative practices that will further enhance the patient experience at CHOC,” Schultz said.

CHOC’s long-standing commitment to providing the best possible patient and family experience is guided by the principles of dignity and respect, information sharing, participation and collaboration. Feedback is actively solicited through surveys and forums, such as the Family Advisory Council, an important group of adult family members from a variety of backgrounds and family types who meet regularly to provide input on hospital initiatives.