Dr Mary Zupanc and Dr Sharief Taraman Talk About Infantile Spasms

Taraman and Zupanc

Dr. Mary Zupanc, chief of neurology and the director of CHOC’s comprehensive epilepsy program, and Dr. Sharief Taraman, who leads the CHOC Concussion Program, recently stopped by CHOC Radio to talk about an upcoming conference no pediatrician should miss.

From sleep disorders to epilepsy, there are a wide range of neurological conditions that can easily escape diagnosis by a general practitioner. Sadly, the delay in diagnosis and proper treatment can negatively impact a patient’s outcome.

Dr. Zupanc and Dr. Taraman share a recent case study involving infantile spasms. These can present in a subtle way and yet are very serious. Knowing what to ask parents and what to look for during an examination are key factors that can lead to the right diagnosis.

Listen in to this segment of CHOC Radio for more about this case and the conference, “Neurology Problems Pediatricians Shouldn’t Miss.”


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