Dr. Sharief Taraman Talks with AM830′s Travis Rodgers about Kids, Sports and Concussions

Pediatric Neurologist Dr. Sharief Taraman talks with AM830 radio host Travis Rodgers about Concussions
Pediatric Neurologist Dr. Sharief Taraman talks with AM830 radio host Travis Rodgers in Seacrest Studios at CHOC Children’s

Travis Rodgers, host of the Angels AM830 morning radio show “The Travis Rodgers Show” recently interviewed CHOC Children’s Pediatric Neurologist Dr. Sharief Taraman about concussions in sports, their long term effects, and how children are particularly vulnerable to serious injury. In this interview, Dr. Taraman explains how concussions can happen in any sport, not just football, and how kids (and their parents) need to weigh the risks and benefits before playing contact sports.


Sports-related concussions in kids and teens are a growing concern among medical and educational professionals, as well as parents.

Newer recommendations are that children and teens should be treated much more conservatively than adults when it comes to concussion. The developing brain is very different from the adult brain in that it is much more likely to manifest symptoms later and have longer term problems when injured, especially if the child is not allowed to rest and recover. Because each concussion and each child is different, care for each child and each concussion must be individualized.

The CHOC Children’s Concussion Program provides specialized services for student athletes with concussions from pediatric concussion experts like Dr. Taraman. The program addresses the multiple needs associated with brain injury while mitigating potential long-term effects. This unique, comprehensive program brings together specialists from a variety of disciplines and helps children and families through every step of the recovery process – from the management of neurological symptoms to addressing school and psychosocial issues.

For concussion consultations – even on nights and weekends – call the dedicated Sports Medicine Program line at (714) 509-4054.