Everything You Need to Know for Referring Patients to CHOC

CHOC Doc with patientCHOC Children’s is honored to partner with medical professionals in the community to nurture, advance and protect the health and well-being of children. In the spirit of collaboration and based on feedback from many of our community partners, we’ve created the following tools to make referring patients to CHOC as efficient and convenient as possible for physicians and their office staff. These resources can be easily accessed via www.choc.org/referrals.

Referral Information Directory
Find Patient Access Center, CHOC Children’s Specialty clinics, CHOC Children’s Specialists locations and ‘”CHOC Doc” directory information and contact numbers.

Easy Admit Program
CHOC is pleased to introduce an improved, streamlined process for urgent hospital admissions.

Referring Physician Online Resources
Find online resources, contact numbers and important information for referring physicians. Everything is downloadable in a PDF for printing and easy reference.

Referral Guidelines and Forms
Referral guidelines and forms are available to assist physicians in the evaluation and management of pediatric patients. Quick link: www.choc.org/referralguidelines

In addition, we have created “Practice Profiles,” which are one-sheet resources containing commonly treated conditions, services offered, locations and contact information for referrals located in the Referral Guidelines and Forms section.

For questions regarding referrals, please contact CHOC Children’s Business Development at (714) 509-4363.