Demand Spikes for Newport Beach Specialty Services

The CHOC Specialty Center at Hoag Health Center—Newport Beach saw 3,759 patient visits during fiscal year 2011 compared to 1,771 in 2010. Developed to support local pediatricians and improve access to subspecialty pediatric care for Orange County families, the center provides consultation and treatment for allergy, cardiology, genetics, gastroenterology, hematology, infectious diseases, nephrology and pulmonary medicine.

The CHOC Endocrine and Diabetes Center at Hoag Health Center–Newport Beach reported a 75 percent increase in patient visits from the previous year. The center is now offering continuous glucose monitoring to support children and families. In addition, PODER (Prevention of Obesity and Diabetes through Education and Resources) has expanded to include both English and Spanish classes. Participation nearly doubled from 2010, helping 2,160 children and families learn healthy techniques to prevent obesity and type 2 diabetes. Additionally, six diabetes workshops, held after regular office hours, were attended by 157 patients and families.

Appointments are now available five days a week at both suites, which are located at 500–520 Superior Avenue, Newport Beach. For more information about appointments, PODER or other educational activities, please call 949-631-3603.

Message from the Pediatrician in Chief, Nick Anas, MD, Medical Director, CHOC PICU

Nick Anas, PICDear Colleagues,

Nineteen months ago, I was appointed Pediatrician in Chief (PIC) by the CHOC Board of Directors and Executive Management Team. I accepted this responsibility with great pride and with a great sense of purpose. From the onset, I regarded my primary role to strengthen the partnership between CHOC physicians and CHOC Administration.

An important means of achieving this objective was through the creation of the Clinical Leadership Council (CLC). With the responsibility for developing the clinical vision for CHOC, the CLC is rapidly gaining purpose and momentum.

As we prepare for the opening of Tower II in 2013, my responsibility as the PIC is to work with the medical staff and the administration in the enhancement and growth of clinical programs as we continue on the path to becoming a nationally recognized premier children’s hospital.

This blog will keep you informed related to the key initiatives undertaken by both the CLC and by me in my role as PIC.