In the Spotlight: Kevin Huoh, M.D.

Kevin Huoh, M.D. Born with a lymphatic malformation, Dr. Kevin Huoh brings uncommon insight into the care he provides for patients with head and neck disorders. Dr. Huoh is helping CHOC expand the Hemangioma Clinic to become the Hemangioma and Vascular Anomalies Program, which will treat hemangiomas, venous and lymphatic malformations, as well as all vascular anomalies.


“If I can help one child the way doctors have helped me, their work will not have been in vain.”

Those words were spoken in 2003 by class valedictorian Kevin Huoh, as he prepared to graduate summa cum laude from the University of Southern California. He was headed toward a career in medicine and already knew exactly what he wanted to do: pediatric otolaryngology.

Ten years later, after further distinguishing himself at the University of California, San Francisco, and at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford Hospitals and Clinic, Dr. Huoh returned to Southern California to open his practice.

“I was born to do this,” Dr. Huoh often says. And indeed he was.

Dr. Huoh spent the first six months of his life in a NICU. Born with a lymphatic malformation, he lived with a tracheostomy tube and endured more than 90 surgeries over the next eight years.

The physicians who treated him probably never dreamed their patient would grow up with such profound gratitude and desire to give back. But Dr. Huoh clearly meant what he said all those years ago.

His goal is to help expand CHOC into the premier center for pediatric otolaryngology in Southern California, in addition to providing comprehensive, multidisciplinary, evidenced-based care for children with vascular anomalies.

“I truly believe that all children with pediatric head and neck disorders should be evaluated at a tertiary children’s hospital like CHOC,” Dr. Huoh said. “My goal is to expand our service to reach more children throughout the region.”

Board-certified in pediatric otolaryngology, Dr. Huoh’s clinical interests include congenital and acquired head and neck tumors, vascular malformations, surgical therapy of sleep apnea, endoscopic airway management and otologic surgery.

During his fellowship at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, Dr. Huoh received many awards and honors. However, the Seymour Cohen Prize from the American Broncho-Esophagological Association for his research into pediatric airway management. was a highlight of his early career. Dr. Cohen was Dr. Huoh’s own pediatric otolaryngologist at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles all those years ago.

Additionally, Dr. Huoh has coauthored articles that have appeared in several medical journals, including The Laryngoscope and Otolaryngology — Head and Neck Surgery. He has contributed several medical textbook chapters, including “Infantile Hemangiomas of the Head and Neck,” for Pediatric Clinics of North America: Pediatric Otolaryngology. 2013.

From the IVs and repeated surgeries, to not being able to go swimming and having to face down school bullies — Dr. Huoh well remembers what it was like to grow up with a chronic medical condition. And when the occasion warrants, he will share his own personal story with patients and families.

In doing so, Dr. Huoh hopes to foster understanding and inspire hope. It’s yet another way of thanking the team of physicians who helped him so early in life.

Fluent in conversational Mandarin and Spanish, Dr. Huoh is in practice at CHOC Children’s Specialists in Orange. For more information or to arrange a referral, please call 714-633-4020.

Neurology Clinic at CHOC Moves to New Location

Our neurology clinic has moved to a new location: CHOC Children’s Neuroscience Center (formerly CHOC Children’s Neurology Clinic), 505 S. Main Street, Suite 350, in Orange. As of Jan. 12, 2015 we are serving our neurology patients in this beautiful space.

The new, spacious location features 15 exam rooms with large monitors for viewing test results; several team conference areas; a patient and family-friendly reception area with learning and gaming centers; and wider hallways and a plate- push front door in consideration of our patients and families using wheelchairs. The expanded space allows for future growth, including the launch, by the end of this month, of our tuberous sclerosis program.

The move supports CHOC’s ambulatory strategy, including the expansion of the CHOC Children’s Neuroscience Institute, a center of excellence that attracts patients from across the country.

Please note our hours of operation and phone numbers, including the scheduling number, remain unchanged.

If you have any questions, please call 714-509-7601.

To schedule a patient referral, please call the Patient Access Center (PAC) number at 1-888-770-2462.

PingMD – Secure Texting Solution Comes to CHOC

CHOC continues the deployment of its new physician communication platform PingMD, a medical messaging app.  With over 400 users and counting, we are realizing the benefit of a HIPAA secure texting solution. To simplify its use, CHOC has introduced and in-house physician directory by specialty.

If you haven’t downloaded the PingMD app yet, just go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download the FREE PingMD app. It only takes a few minutes to set up your account.

As we ring in the new year, we will begin our focus on promoting the platform to physicians in the community. PingMD will introduce an external CHOC Physician Directory where community physicians will be able to search for CHOC physicians by specialty/name and text them right from their smart phone.

For any questions regarding PingMD, please contact PingMD at 917-477-7688 or

Learn more about PingMD.

CHOC Receives International Recognition for its State-of-the-Art Electronic Medical Record Systems

Bill Feaster, M.D. CHOC Children’s chief medical information officer
Bill Feaster, M.D. CHOC Children’s chief medical information officer

CHOC Children’s Hospital recently became one of eight children’s hospitals in the nation, and the only one on the West Coast, to receive the elite Stage 7 designation for its advanced electronic medical record systems, from HIMSS Analytics, an international leader in healthcare information. We spoke to Dr. Bill Feaster, chief medical information officer at CHOC Children’s, about this remarkable award representing the highest level on the EMR adoption model.

Q: What were some of the highlights that allowed CHOC Children’s Hospital to achieve the HIMSS stage 7 designation?

A: We are now able to demonstrate that all clinical information about a patient we are caring for is either captured electronically or scanned into the electronic medical record. This has made the patient’s paper chart mostly irrelevant and all information is now accessible from Powerchart. We have also implemented many functions of the electronic health record to improve quality and patient safety. For example, nearly all our orders are captured electronically, and numerous safeguards are in place to alert the provider when dosages are incorrect, guidelines are not being followed, there are conflicts with allergies and other potential problems. Also required for stage 7 is the demonstration of “closed-loop” medication and breast milk administration, which avoids patient identification errors through bar coding of the patient and the drug or feeding being administered.

Q: What is unique about the electronic medical record system and other information technology applications at CHOC?

A: We have adopted a fully-integrated Electronic Health Record and utilize nearly every application from that vendor. The advantage of that over a “best of breed” strategy is that all of the applications are designed to work together, and the number of interfaces and potential points of failure are minimized.

Q: In your opinion, what does this recognition represent for CHOC and the hospital’s commitment to establishing a strong technology foundation?

A: In 2015, providing exceptional care to our patients requires a strong technology platform that guides and informs that care. It took tremendous effort and financial support from the hospital and its staff over the past 12 years to reach the current state. Recognizing that effort is gratifying. What is even more gratifying is seeing the dramatic improvements in quality and patient safety that are the true result of these efforts.

Q: What technology initiatives or updates can physicians expect to see in 2015?

A: Our main focus this coming year within the hospital is to optimize the use of our Electronic Health Record through system enhancements and provider education. We are forging new connections to the community to improve provider communications, and will establish a population health management system and data warehouse that will target improving the care of patients outside of the hospital setting.

Orange County Medical Association’s “Physicians of Excellence” Partners with the Orange County Register


Please see notice sent from Orange County Medical Association regarding the Physicians of Excellence recognition program:

Physicians of Excellence will now be published in one of the Orange County Register publications in early spring 2015. OCMA‘s new partnership with the Orange County Register elevates the stature of the program, broadens the recognition of the physician recipients and extends the reach of those who will read the list in Orange County.

Orange Coast published a January 2015 issue of “top doctors” – this is not a list of OCMA’s Physicians of Excellence. This publication is no longer affiliated whatsoever with OCMA. OCMA ended the relationship with Orange Coast in April 2014. Though we had a productive relationship for many years, OCMA’s board of directors decided to partner with the Orange County Register beginning in 2015.

More information on the reception for all recipients in April 2015 will be forthcoming from OCMA.