Weekly Neuro Clinic at Newport Beach Specialty Center

Consultation for low-acuity neurological conditions is now available on Wednesdays at the CHOC Children’s Specialty Center at Hoag Health Center–Newport Beach. CHOC pediatric neurologists Ying Peng, M.D., and Sharon Kim, M.D., are seeing patients from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on alternating Wednesdays.

The weekly clinic in Newport Beach expands access and convenience for coastal and southern Orange County families. Encompassing eight pediatric specialties, the CHOC Children’s Specialty Center and CHOC Children’s Endocrine and Diabetes Center have already become a specialty medical home for many patients.

Services are available for general neurological problems. For more information or to schedule a referral, please call (949) 631-3603. For a consultation request and referral guidelines, please go to http://specialists.chocchildrens.org/neurology and choose the appropriate links. Patient records may be faxed via Provider Link to (877) 484-4017.

CHOC to build and staff Level II NICU

Construction begins in June 2012 for a CHOC-licensed Level II NICU inside St. Joseph Hospital. CHOC will open the 13-bed unit on 4 North, adjacent to St. Joseph Hospital’s new post-partum unit, which is scheduled to open in November.Construction of the new NICU will be completed by the end of this year.

Staffed by CHOC physicians and employees, the new NICU is designated for infants born at 32 weeks or greater who are moderately ill or at moderate risk for developing complications as a result of prematurity or illness. Infants requiring a higher level of care will continue being transported to CHOC’s 54-bed Level III NICU.

Each private room will contain family space, including overnight accommodation for one parent. According to Linda Glenn, M.N., CHOC NICU clinical director, the smaller unit will provide more personalized care and enhance the infant-parent bond. As with the current Level III CHOC NICU, community physicians will be notifified of transfer and receive copies of discharge summaries.

“CHOC and St. Joseph are both family-centered organizations with a long history of excellence,” Glenn said. “We’ve entered into this joint venture because the missions of our organizations are so closely aligned that it seemed like a natural extension of what we both do.”

CHOC physicians recognized at Doctor’s Day luncheon

CHOC Children’s honored its physicians at a Doctor’s Day Appreciation Luncheon on March 30th, in the Harold Wade Education Center. Kimberly Cripe, CHOC President and CEO,welcomed over 200 guests in attendance, and thanked physicians for their dedication and contributions to the children and families in our community.

A special award was presented to Dr. Araceli Quimbo, CHOC pediatrician, who is retiring, for her remarkable efforts and collaboration with CHOC throughout the years.

Meet CHOC Pediatric Urology’s “Triple Threat”

Two full-time pediatric urologists with extensive academic and research credentials recently joined CHOC Children’s Urology Center.
In addition to faster access to patient consults and expanded surgical capabilities, including robotics, CHOC Children’s Urology Center is the training site for the nation’s newest pediatric urology fellowship program sponsored by University of California, Irvine School of Medicine. Several research projects are also underway.
Established in 2010, CHOC Urology has already been recognized as one of the nation’s best by U.S. News & World Report. Medical Director Antoine Khoury, M.D., plans to be among the top 10 within fifive years.
One has trained physicians for most of his career and helped build one of the very fifirst pediatric urology fellowship programs. The second has held teaching appointments at several prestigious institutions and is a former president of the American Association of Pediatric Urology.

Together with Antoine Khoury, M.D., professor, Department of Urology, University of California, Irvine and medical director, CHOC Children’s Urology Center, pediatric urologists Gordon McLorie, M.D., and Irene McAleer, M.D., have tripled the clinical, teaching and research capabilities at CHOC Children’s Urology Center. “Our goal is to create a ‘one-stop’ center of excellence, where families receive a comprehensive treatment plan,” Dr. Khoury said.
With the addition of Drs. McLorie and McAleer, Dr. Khoury can now pursue another goal: establishing a pediatric urology fellowship at CHOC and UC Irvine.
“The educational component is key,” he said. “We also have several cutting-edge research projects underway, including a major project on bladder reconstruction using cell culture techniques, and have an opportunity to make advances in pediatric urology.”
CHOC Children’s Urology Center is located at 505 S. Main Street, Suite 100, in Orange. For more information, or to arrange a consultation, please contact (714) 512-3919. Patient records and reports may be faxed to (866) 529-9704.

Gordon McLorie, M.D.

“I am excited to be part of this expansion, which is so important to the children and the families who need this kind of care. There are not a lot of people in this specialty, and our hope is to be able to add a center that will help meet future need.”

Gordon A. McLorie, M.D., Professor,   Department of Urology and Director of Pediatric Urology Fellowship Program, University of California, Irvine School of Medicine and CHOC Children’s.

Fellowship, Urology oncology and Urodynamics:   UCLA Medical Center

Fellowship, Pediatric Surgery: with Dr. W. H. Hendren, Harvard University

Medical Training, including Internship, Residency: University of Toronto

There are only a few pediatric urology training programs available within the U.S. and Canada, and Gordon McLorie, M.D., helped build one of the fifirst at the University of Toronto. An internationally recognized authority on reconstructive bladder and genitalia surgery, Dr. McLorie is currently concluding a fifive-year, $1.5 million NIH funded research into vesicoureteral reflflux and will be publishing the results of this 600-patient study after a two-year follow up and analysis.

Prior to joining CHOC, Dr. McLorie taught at Wake Forest University School of Medicine. He has also held academic appointments at several institutions.

Irene McAleer, M.D

“I enjoy the stimulation that comes from teaching, as well as by learning from medical students and residents. I look forward to establishing an accredited fellowship program to increase training opportunities for this region.”

Irene M. McAleer, M.D., HS Associate Professor, Department of Urology University of California, Irvine School of Medicine and CHOC Children’s

Pediatric Urology Fellowship:   University of California, San Diego

Urology residency: National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda

Internship: Naval Hospital, Oakland

Medical Degree: Ohio State University

Former president of the American Association of Pediatric Urology, Irene McAleer, M.D., has held academic appointments at several prestigious institutions, most recently at University of California, San Francisco. Special clinical interests include antenatal counseling, hypospadias, urinary reflux and hydronephrosis management.

Prior to joining CHOC, Dr. McAleer was at Children’s Hospital Central California, in Madera, where she was a former vice chair of surgery. She is a fellow of the Society of Pediatric Urology, American College of Surgeons and American Academy of Pediatrics, Urology Section

CHOC Children’s Specialists Strengthens Partnerships

One of CHOC Children’s key strategic initiatives was accomplished in November 2011 with the implementation of a medical foundation, CHOC Children’s Specialists. Created in response to physicians seeking closer alignment with the hospital, CHOC Children’s Specialists will help both CHOC Children’s and contracted physicians address future healthcare delivery and payment reform more effectively.

“As accountable care organizations (ACOs) become more prevalent in Southern California, CHOC Children’s Specialists will give our hospitals and contracted physicians a better position from which to respond,” said CHOC Children’s Chief Strategy Offificer Elaine Bauer. Late last year, she added, CHOC received a notice of intent from California Children’s Services to award a demonstration pilot project for the care of chronically ill children.

Additionally, the medical foundation’s ability to provide market-rate compensation is expected to increase CHOC’s ability to attract and retain the next generation of pediatric subspecialists who prefer a foundation model with less risk.

CHOC Children’s Specialists is operated as a division of CHOC. Planning, operations and fifinance are overseen by a Joint Governance Committee. At this time, CHOC Children’s Specialists has a professional services agreement with the Pediatric Subspecialty Faculty.

CHOC continues to have an open medical staff and physicians do not have to join CHOC Children’s Specialists in order to practice at CHOC or refer to CHOC physicians. For more information, please contact Elaine Bauer at (714) 532-7672.