Taking on Tomorrow: National Pediatric Innovation Summit & Awards

Many of us involved in Pediatrics have a front-row seat in today’s health care arena. Diseases of adulthood often have their origins in childhood, and pediatric providers are well positioned to spot problems, head them off and lead the search for safe and lasting solutions.

video-picThis makes pediatric care a hotbed for innovation, from personal genomics to digital apps and telemedicine programs that keep kids out of the hospital. From patient engagement initiatives that truly empower families to advances in diagnosing behavioral disorders before symptoms gel—when they’re most treatable.

Leveraging that confluence of factors, on September 26 and 27, Boston Children’s Hospital is inviting top thought leaders in pediatric care, research, industry, private equity and health care policy to come together to work on the most pressing challenges facing children today. Taking on Tomorrow: A National Pediatric Innovation Summit will provide a forum to engage cross-sector thought leaders in an exchange of strategic solutions designed to fundamentally transform pediatric care in the key areas of autism, genomics, patient/family empowerment and innovation acceleration.

Innovators and thought leaders are encouraged to participate in the summit and apply for one of the three innovator awards. There are a few panel slots still open to any experts proposed as a panelist. Thought leaders and innovators are encouraged to promote this event to their professional networks as well.

At the event, Boston Children’s will award three $50,000 prizes in the following areas:

Clinical Innovation, focusing on recent innovation in pediatric health that has led to improved care and treatment.

Community/Patient Empowerment, recognizing innovative technologies that help empower patients and families with information, tools or resources to take a more active role in managing their care to improve outcomes.

Research/Scientific Breakthrough, recognizing breakthroughs in autism that hold substantial potential to transform care, lead to improved diagnostic tests or decipher definitive causes.

The awards are open to all and the submission deadline is July 31, 2013. The award application, as well as registration information, may be found on takingontomorrow.org.